We are open as of May 21st

  • *NEW HOURS* (as of 6/5/20): We’re adding Wednesday to be open 5 days/week Wednesday- Sunday 3pm-8pm. Pickup Only
  • Order through our new ordering website (www.exploretock.com/pizzadelicious)
  • Our dining room and patio will remain closed to customers until further notice
  • No Delivery for now (we hope to be able to add it soon)
  • Menu is available below

How to order  (Please read thoroughly)

1. Place your order between 10AM-5PM *NEW EXTENDED HOURS* on the same day you want to pick up your order. No ordering for future days.
2. On the ordering site, Party Size = number of pizzas you are ordering.
3. When ordering, choose a pickup time between 3pm and 8pm. Please don’t arrive before your pickup time. We are on a tight schedule – your order will be ready at your pickup time.
4. Limited Pizzas Available – each day’s orders will be released at 10AM, and close at 5PM, or when we sell out, whichever happens first.
5. If you dont want a pizza with your order, select “1 guest” and then the pizza called “I don’t want a pizza.” Haha.
6. **If you don’t want a pizza with your order AND you don’t see any available times, give us a call at 504.676.8482 and we may have a “non-pizza” pickup left**
7. If you don’t receive a confirmation message or e-mail, it means your order did not go through.
8. If you would like to pay with a giftcard, please don’t order online and give us a call at 504.676.8482

**There is 10 minute time limit on the ordering site, so it may be best to check out the menu on our website first**

Check out our new Italian grocery

Along with our regular menu we are excited to introduce some new prepared foods which include: take and bake Italian-American classic pastas (for 2 or 4), prepared pasta sauces, fresh homemade pasta by the lb, salad dressings and good deals on bottles of vino. Check out our entire menu below, which we will be updating daily.

What we’re doing to stay safe

  • We are purposefully limiting our hours, our production capacity and choosing this advance order format so that we can keep our staff small so that they may safely distance from each other at work.
  • We’re doing a pre-order system with predetermined pickup times to ensure a contactless, organized and not crowded pickup experience for our customers.
  • Our staff will have their temperature taken before entering the building each day and will be wearing masks throughout their shifts.
  • We are using enhanced and frequent sanitization practices throughout the day on high touch surfaces.
  • Windows and doors will stay open as much as possible to increase ventilation and the circulation of fresh air into the building.
  • In order to be as transparant as possible, we are sharing our Covid employee handbook, if you wish to view it.

Gratuities & Fees

Thanks for supporting us always!  We’re adding a 12% auto-gratuity to all orders to be shared among hourly staff each day.  Our new reservation service charges a fee and we’re splitting that with you by adding 3.45% to your order total to help us cover the cost during this tough time.  **Tock automatically applies the 12% auto-grat at check out and asks if you’d like to set a gratuity, keep in mind any gratuity you choose is in ADDITION to the fixed 12%, so choosing 20% means, you will tip 32% total.  If you’d like to tip 20% total, you’d want to tip 8% when you select your gratuity. THANK YOU**

Thanks for working with us through this slightly annoying ordering system. As with everything Covid related, everything is subject to change at a moments notice.  Please email us at pizzadtock@gmail.com with any questions/comments on the new system. We would love to hear your feedback