Live Updates from Pizza D

***Ok wow. Sorry but we have sold out of all of our dough for tonight(and we made a lot!!) We cant wait to be back and serving you again as soon as possible. We love you guys and the support means so much. Thank you!!****

*Wednesday 4/1 11am-9m was our last day of service for a while*

This has been a stressful couple of weeks to run a restaurant. This entire time we have struggled with how to balance the desire to stay open to feed the incredible New Orleans community, the need to respect our staff’s differing desires to keep working vs staying home, and understand how we ourselves(or any open business) might be invisibly contributing to this public health crisis. To say there have been no easy decisions would be a giant understatement. The wider New Orleans restaurant community has also been incredibly helpful with advice, sharing resources and emotional support and we are incredibly grateful to a part of such a strong group right now. 

Your support during this time has been incredibly appreciated by the entire Pizza D family. Our customers are literally the only reason that our awesome staff has had a job (and been making great tips) for these past two weeks, so thank you!  And we would be lying if we said the last week of handing pizzas out a window to everyone didn’t make us just a bit nostalgic for our pop up days at the original delicious kitchen down the block.
It has truly been a pleasure to be able to make so many pizzas for all of you these past two weeks. Hopefully you bought some extra and stocked your freezer.  But day by day, as the situation in New Orleans progressively worsens and more of our staff have come to their own decision to stay home (which we fully support), it appears the time to enter hibernation has come. 

All staff are receiving the equivalent of 1 week’s pay, a continuation of their insurance benefits through the end of April and will all be eligible for what seems like generous unemployment benefits thanks to the new stimulus package.  And we can’t wait to bring them all back when the time is right.

We’re not going to get too emotional in this particular moment because we know that we will be back sooner rather than later.  This is just goodbye for now. – Mike & Greg

When you come to pick-up your order:

  • If you have pre-paid: you don’t need to stand in line to check in unless you want to sign your receipt (which is not required) or you’d like to add something to your order.  We will call your name when your food is ready.
  • If you have NOT paid yet: please stand in our socially distanced line to settle up.

*Call-In/To-Go and Delivery Only*

Due to further recent restrictions and the health and safety of our customers and staff, we can no longer allow guests in the restaurant to pick up orders. We will have a counter set up at the door to greet you and get you your food.  *Please consider ordering and paying in advance for the quickest experience* 

Tired of waiting on the phone? *Online Ordering Now Available*

Click here to order! (Our pickup and delivery times are auto-estimated, call the store at 504.676.8482 with any questions).  FYI: There’s no 12% auto-gratuity added to these orders bc the system doesn’t allow for that.

*New All-Day Bike Delivery*

We’re now offering bike delivery all day from 11am – 8:45pm (see our delivery map here)

*Gratuity Included*

We are adding a 12% auto-gratuity to all orders (except web orders, bc there’s no way to do it) that our entire non-delivery, hourly staff for the day will share with each other.

*Support Pizza D and Staff & Feed Medical Workers on the Front Lines*

Venmo @KreweofRedBeans with the text “Pizza D” to donate money to an amazing organization that is taking money to buy meals at struggling local restaurants at full price (and tipping the staff well!), hiring out of work local musicians to deliver the food to feed medical workers on the front lines at different hospitals around New Orleans.  Your donation will go towards their next meals ordered from Pizza Delicious.

Our Response to the Crisis

This is an incredibly difficult time for all of us and we thank you, our customers, for all of your continued support. We have, with the consent of our staff, made the decision to stay open in a modified format. We are doing this to keep as many people employed as we can in this economically uncertain time and to continue to feed you while we can.

We are providing an emergency 1 week paid sick leave with benefits to all employees which can be used at each employee’s discretion or if the restaurant is forced close.

Sanitary Measures

  • Our dining room and patio are closed for any dining. We will be actively requiring customers to keep the reccommended 3 feet from one another
  • We have installed hand sanitizer dispensers in two spots in the dining room, and one behind the counter
  • We have switched to individually wrapped plasticware, and paper straws
  • We are sanitizing high touch areas (door knobs/areas, faucets, phones, handles, our POS screens, pens, counters, tables etc) with new, very strong sanitizer on a very frequent basis
  • We’ve switched to recyclable plastic cups and lids
  • We are washing our hands often and thoroughly


Did you know that Pizza Delicious does catering? We do!!!


We offer bike delivery every day to Marigny/Bywater from 11am-8:45pm! We accept credit cards over the phone and cash on delivery. Delivery minimum is $15.