Car Delivery via Doordash

We have partnered with Doordash Drive to offer delivery to an extended delivery zone to the above area.  We offer bike delivery to a smaller, local area with more info below.

  • Orders for Delivery via Doordash will be placed directly through us on our online ordering portal (click here), not the Doordash app or website.
    • You will not find a Pizza Delicious storefront on the Doordash website or app
    • You can also call the store to place these orders if you wish, but its easier for us if you place the order online
  • Orders delivered via Doordash will be charged a flat $5 delivery fee
  • DoorDash has given us a 5 mile delivery radius from our store but it does not include the Westbank (not our choice, sorry…). Plug in your address on our online ordering portal (click here) to confirm you are in the range.  It includes the Marigny, Bywater, French Quarter, Upper & Lower 9, Arabi, some of Chalmette, Treme, 7th Ward, Gentilly, Midcity, a slice of NO East, CBD, Garden District, LGD, Irish Channel and a bunch of Uptown.
  • When you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation email from HungerRush, our online ordering system.
  • Once a Doordash driver is assigned to your order, you will receive a text confirmation with your delivery details/estimated arrival time
    • This text may take up to 30 minutes to arrive, it will not be as soon as you place your order

Local Bike Delivery is Discontinued

Delivery will still be available in the neighborhood by car but now you’ll have to order online (not by phone) through our website.

Why are we making this tough decision? A couple reasons, but bike delivery business has dropped by ~50% since 2020 and its no longer affordable to continue to offer this service.

Moving forward, there will be a $5 flat delivery fee. But to help ease the transition, we’re offering FREE DELIVERY FOR THE NEXT MONTH FOR PEOPLE IN OUR FORMER BIKE DELIVERY ZONE. This discount will be applied automatically when you place your order online to an address in this zone.

We know some of you will be disappointed and honestly we are too. We’ll miss the presence of a bike peddling through the Bywater and Marigny streets wafting sweet pizza aromas into the air…