The Restaurant

You can find us making pizza at:

617 Piety St.
New Orleans, LA 70117

You can always call us at: (504) 676-8482 or shoot us an email at:

Thanks for working with us as we operate in these trying times. The health of our staff and customers is our priority (more on that in our FAQ’s). Please email us with any questions/comments on our new systems. We would love to hear your feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Covid-19 Measures
    • We are purposefully limiting our hours and production capacity to keep our staff small so that they may safely distance from each other at work.
    • Our staff will have their temperature taken before entering the building each day, and will be wearing masks throughout their shifts.
    • We are using enhanced and frequent sanitation practices throughout the day on high touch surfaces.
    • Windows and doors will stay open as much as possible to increase ventilation and the circulation of fresh air into the building.
    • In order to be as transparent as possible, we are sharing our Covid employee handbook, if you wish to view it.
  • What should I expect when I arrive to pick up my order?
    • We ask that all customers wear a mask when picking up or placing an order at Pizza Delicious.
    • We are not allowing any customers into our building at this time.
    • We are working hard to ensure a quick, minimal-contact pickup experience. Please stand in the appropriate line and maintain 6 feet of distance between others in line around you.
    • We have two lines currently — the left hand line is for: placing a to go order, paying for an order you have already placed but did not pay for, or buying slices. The right-hand line is just for picking up prepaid orders. These lines are clearly marked and roped off. We also have a waiting area in the parking spot directly in front of the restaurant. Please stand in this waiting area or across the street from the restaurant if you are waiting for your order, instead of lingering in front of the doors / windows / in lines.
    • We do not have any outdoor seating currently, and cannot allow customers to eat or drink on the sidewalk outside of the restaurant, for safety reasons.
  • What are your hours?

    We are now open for lunch on the weekends! Our hours for pickup are:

    Wed – Fri: 4:00 – 9:00 pm

    Saturday & Sunday: 12 – 9:00 pm

    We take orders over the phone and online starting at 10 AM, Wed – Sun. We will take orders until 8:30 pm each night.

    We are only able to offer delivery during dinner service at this point, from 4:00 – 9:00 pm, Wed – Sun.

  • Are the patio or dining room open?

    Both our dining room and outdoor patio are currently closed to the public. We will update our website and advertise indoor seating as soon as we feel comfortable sharing our space again. This is to prevent the spread of Covid-19 as much as possible, and to ensure that our staff has enough room to work safely throughout their shift.

  • Gratuity & Fees

    Thanks for supporting us always!  We’re adding a 12% auto-gratuity to all orders, to be shared among hourly staff each day.  **If you are ordering online, the website automatically applies the 12% auto-grat to your order. Keep in mind any gratuity you choose at checkout is in ADDITION to the fixed 12%.

  • How can I redeem a gift card or voucher?

    Please give us a call at (504) 676-8482 to place your order, if you plan on paying with a gift card or voucher. Our online ordering system is only able to process credit or debit card payment types.

  • Are you accepting cash?